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Resources for Parents of Gifted Students

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    • @DeepWatersCoach - Lisa Lauffer works with the group Gifted Grownups & Parents of Gifted Children, offering support through her Twitter feed and beyond.
    • @gifted_guru - Head to this feed to hear from Lisa Van Gemert, a gifted youth specialist for Mensa.
    • @JeffcoGifted - This nonprofit group of parents, teachers, and community leaders tweets about advocacy and resources for gifted kids.
    • @HoagiesGifted - Head to this feed to get resources and articles aplenty about gifted education and parenting.
  • Check Out These Blogs:
    • About.com Gifted Children - Carol Bainbridge, an expert on gifted children, maintains this blog, which is chock full of learning ideas, information, and more.
    • Parenting Gifted Kids - Head to this blog, written by gifted educator Sarah Robbins, to learn more about how to challenge and help your gifted child.
    • Gifted Exchange - This blog focuses on gifted kids, touching on issues of schooling, parenting, education, and more, all written by the staff at the Davidson Institute for Talent Development.
    • The Prufrock Blog - Prufrock is one of the leading publishers of materials for gifted, advanced, and special needs students. On this blog, you'll find updates on their latest releases.
    • Byrdseed - Focusing on creativity, accelerated learning, literature, and more, this blog offers resources and inspiration to gifted educators and parents of gifted kids.