Northside Elementary School serves over 380 students in Preschool, Kindergarten, First and Second grades. A balanced curriculum is available to all students. DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) is used to assess reading along with NWEA MAP testing. RtI has been implemented for Reading. Core Curriculum guides instruction. A full range of support services and programs are available and include: Title 1 reading, Character education, Speech, Physical and Occupational therapy, Early Childhood Special Education, Special Education, English Language Learning and Behavior programming. Students attend classes in Physical Education, Vocal Music, Media instruction, and Computer instruction in addition to the regular curriculum. Rich in technology, all students have access to technology through the use of two student laboratories. Teachers and staff work collectively to provide educational opportunities that reflect the Districts mission statement and beliefs.

The School Improvement Process is a strong component of the work done in the Nebraska City Public Schools. Data is reviewed to determine the focus and continuation of goals. A district-wide data review is held and helps to prepare all staff for the analysis of data. Reading Mastery, NWEA's (MAP testing) and DIBELS assessment data is also used and analyzed to make educational decisions. The RtI (Response to Intervention) process reviews data for individual student interventions. Building goals are based upon the interpretation of all presented data for each grade as well as the district as a whole. The building School Improvement Leadership team meets on a regular basis. Representative Leadership members attend monthly District School Improvement Council meetings, where their building work is shared and goals are reviewed. For the 2015- 2016 school year, areas of focus included reading, specifically fluency and reading comprehension and behavior. Language is also emphasized. Six Traits writing is implemented. Behavior data is collected and analyzed regularly, as part of the behavior goal. Whole Faculty Study Groups foster professional development and research-based strategies. School Improvement continues to help us focus our curriculum, instruction, and assessment goals for the Nebraska City Public Schools.