Central Office Opening Guidelines

Monday, July 6th,

 Nebraska City Public Schools Central Office will be open with the following guidelines.

  1. Office and phone hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. (3:30 pm on Fridays)

  2. You are encouraged to make an appointment prior to arriving at the central office.  Please call 402-873-6033 and our staff will assist you with questions and schedule an appointment with the appropriate staff member.

  3. You are encouraged to call 402-873-6033 from the parking lot to confirm your appointment or make an appointment.  A staff member will then greet and assist you.

  4. You are encouraged to wear a mask while in the central office.  You are required to wear a mask when meeting directly with a staff member.

  5. We ask that you social distance once inside central office (1 person/family in foyer, 1 person/family in front commons, any additional people please wait outside appropriately social distanced)

  6. Central office will be utilizing a talk thru window to assist you if you enter the building without a staff member.

  7. If you need to drop off forms, please utilize the purple mailboxes on 14th avenue.  

NCPS are looking forward to assisting you.  Please do not hesitate to call 402-873-6033.