Important Update for School Opening


All students must be registered with Mid States in order to ride the bus.  This is for route and in-town bussing and students registered in clubs.  One pick up location and 1 or two drop off locations must be designated.  Masks are required when social distancing cannot be maintained. Registration forms will be mailed out next week.

Release from MidStates

After School Clubs:

NCPS will continue to offer after school clubs when schools are operating in Tier 1--Green.  There will be no after school clubs in Tier 2-Yellow, Tier 3-Orange and Tier 4-Red

Delayed start to clubs this year...Approximately after labor day

Even in Green--limited numbers and participation.


Late start Friday’ are being suspended for the 20-21 school year.  The district will have one consistent start schedule this year.  We believe this will be easier to schedule transportation to school for families.  We will revisit the implementation of PLC’s and professional development time for staff at a later date and time.  


  • Each student will be supplied with a cloth mask if needed 

  • The mask is washable/reusable.

  • Busses will have disposable masks for students that may have forgotten their mask.