School Meals Announcement

School Meals: 

  • Nebraska City Public Schools will continue to provide all breakfast and lunches at no cost to all enrolled students through the remainder of the 2020-2021 school year.  The USDA recently provided waivers through the end of this school year to allow school districts to offer breakfast and lunches to all enrolled students at no cost while also providing the district reimbursement for the costs associated with the production and serving of the meals. 

Key Points of the Program

  • The district will maintain the balances already on student accounts. Payouts will not be made on current account balances, unless the student is leaving the district and does not have a younger sibling in the district.  The account balance will be transferred to the younger sibling in the district.

  • If a junior/senior high school student chooses to purchase an extra entree or ala carte item, they can still do that, but those items will need to be paid in cash as these extras are not covered by waiver extension.  This “extra entree” and ala carte option is not available at the elementary.  

  • Please note that some menu items may need to be adjusted as necessary to accommodate the higher volume of breakfast and lunches. Thank you in advance for your flexibility and patience.