Computer Surplus Sale

The Nebraska City Public Schools tech department is having a surplus sale of deprovisioned district iMacs and Mac minis. These were formerly used by staff members in the district. All purchases can be made at the District Central Office. 

1700 14th Avenue 
Nebraska City, NE

Every device has been factory reset, had the dust blown out of the inside, and cleaned up on the outside. All applications and files have been removed for each device. Only MacOS* has been loaded onto the devices.

*Mac mini 2012 models come preloaded with MacOS 10.15 Catalina. 
*iMac 2010/2011 models come preloaded with MacOS 10.13 High Sierra

They have all been tested to make sure they boot up and run properly; However, these are older devices and there can be no guarantee on their remaining lifespan. 

We have a few different model types to choose from. Click here for more details. 

Apple Mac mini Core i5 (Late 2012) - $120 

Apple Mac mini Core i5 Solid State Drive Upgrade (Late 2012) - $220 (Limited stock)

Apple iMac Core i5 (Mid 2011) - $100

Apple iMac Core i5 (Mid 2010) - $80