NCPS Invitation to Bid
1. Project Information.
Nebraska City Public School District is requesting bids from qualified HVAC contractors
for the installation of a High School Cooling Tower Replacement Project.

2. Bid submission and opening.
Two copies of the bid shall be addressed and delivered in a sealed envelope to Nebraska
City Public Schools, Attn: Mark Fritch, Superintendent, 1700 14th Avenue, Nebraska City,
NE 68. Bids will be received until November 7, 2022 at 11:00 am at which time they will
be opened publicly and simultaneously in the presence of bidders and/or their
representatives in the office of the Superintendent of Schools. Any bid received after
the deadline will not be opened or considered and will be returned to the bidder.

3. Awarding of Bid.
The bid will be awarded to the lowest responsible, responsive bidder. The winning bid
shall be announced by the Board of Education at its meeting to be held on November
14, 2022, or at such other meeting determined by the Board.

4. Davis-Bacon Act.
The parties shall comply with the Davis-Bacon Act and other applicable federal
requirements. Contactors and their subcontractors are to pay laborers and mechanics
employed directly upon the site of the work no less than the locally prevailing wages and
fringe benefits paid on projects of a similar character as determined by the U.S.

Secretary of Labor.
5. Inquiries and bid instructions.
Requests for full bid instructions and all questions, inquiries, or requests for clarification
or site inspection should be submitted in writing to Superintendent Mark Fritch, email