Press Release Thursday, November 10, 2022

Nebraska City Public Schools has canceled classes/school for Friday, November 11 due to a significant lack of teacher and para substitutes in all buildings. All school activities will continue including the Veteran's Day Program.

Currently, the district is filling classroom vacancies with substitutes when available, but often these vacancies are filled by combining classes, having teachers sacrifice their plan periods or pulling administrators from their daily duties. When these efforts are not enough, the decision must be made to cancel school.

The district continues to work through creative solutions to prevent future cancellations, however, the best solution is simply to have more substitutes available. The process to become a substitute teacher or para is simple. The state requirement for a local substitute certificate is 60 credit hours of post-secondary education. Full details can be found here. Interested persons may also contact Erin Johnson at NCPS Central Office at 402-873-6033. Erin is also available to answer questions about becoming a substitute para. The process for both is simple and candidates can specify what days, grades, and subjects they prefer.

As we enter the cold and flu season, we know that this demand will only increase. Please consider sharing the request for subs with professionals in your circle.

Mark Fritch
Superintendent of Schools